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If you live in a community where some properties are owner occupied and others are inhabited by renters, you may have heard complaints from residents who own their homes about residents who don’t. Since the housing bubble burst in 2008, affordable real estate prices have made residential properties popular as investment real estate, particularly condominiums and apartments that don’t require as much maintenance expense as conventional homes.

In some association-governed condominium communities, non-owners occupy as much as 50 percent of the units. In many instances, this scenario creates tension between owners and renters, as the latter are less likely to view their living situation as a long-term investment that justifies maintaining excellent relationships with neighbors, caring deeply about the condition of the property, and going out of their way to be good stewards to the community.

Whereas owners tend to care deeply about things such as the quality of the community’s grounds and how much money is kept in the reserve fund for emergencies, renters who know that their time in a community is limited tend view such matters as unnecessary worries.

Conflicts happen because of a misunderstanding. They happen because each person inside a relationship have a different understanding of the entire situation. Listen to what the other has to say and be in his shoes if you must.

The reason why both of you have misunderstandings is because you do not know each other very well yet. To do this, you need to spend quality time with your partner and never give him the feeling of being rejected or neglected.

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