Email's Messages into an Organised Document

Awesome app to search and extract conversations from Email in a few clicks, generating a professional document with selected keywords highlighted.

Best for lawyers!

  • Approved by Google's Security Team
  • Fully Compliant with GDPR

Terms of service


The tool is completely free and there is no usage limit. Moreover, there is very minimum input required by the user - only sender and receiver information and tool does the heavy lifting. This product produces a well-formatted and ready to use document within minutes.


LegalPDF is reliable and secure. Our team worked closly with Google's Security Team and we have been approved by them. We are also completely GDPR complient - so that users such as yourself can use this fantastic tool with peace of mind.


This tool is able to extract information from emails and chats in any language including languages that do not use the modern English alphabet such as Arabic, Mandarin, Hebrew and many more. LegalPDF is also able to extract information from any mailbox, not just the inbox folder.


Consumer privacy is one of our top priorities at LegalPDF. We do not require or store any customer information when using the tool - registration is not required, totally anonymous. Moreover, to protect our customers we delete all generated documents once the customer received the file.